Peace Prospects is a Los Angeles based brand created in Leimert Park; one of the most culturally rich villages in Southern California. Our mission focuses on the normalization of Peace, Justice, Health and Happiness in as many capacities as possible. We believe that in order for a community to embrace peace, in one way, is to help solve the problems that feed the contrary. We use our profits to help support various entities having missions that relate to the above focuses. We are currently sending support to WeLoveLeimert (an inter-generational collective strategizing to manifest a visionary Leimert Park Village future), Downtown Crenshaw (a historic effort to redevelop and maintain the community by the community), Africa Town Enterprise (a community development organization in Leimert Park), Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (Tribal government striving to keep their land protected), and adding to this list as we grow. We also put funding towards our own future endeavors of creating healthy environments full of peace and enrichment.



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